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Subscription Shaving Showdown: Harry’s vs. Dollar Shave Club

If you want to save money on razors and get a good shave, try a subscription shaving service. Sharp razors and shaving products delivered to your door, when you need them, and cheaper than the store. It can be great, but with so many services, it’s tough to choose. Let’s start with the two big names.


Previous Notions on Body Size and Evolution Are Not As Simple As We Thought 

Centuries-old theories surrounding human height as it correlates to evolution have stated two things: those closer to the equator were more linear and longer, while people who lived closer to the poles were wider and shorter, but generally bigger. This is according to Allen’s Rule and Bergmann’s Rule, which were both proposed during the 19th century.


An Even Bigger George R.R. Martin Universe Could Be Coming to TV

Game of Thrones is ending in two years, but George R.R. Martin isn’t done with television yet. In fact, he says an even bigger world is on the way. Martin posted on his LiveJournal Saturday that Universal Cable Productions (part of NBC Universal) has acquired the rights to adapt his long-running anthology series Wild Cards.