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The Only Thing That Would Make Us Feel Better Is if You Sent Us Trump’s Tax Returns

Have you heard? As of next week, beloved cuck advocacy website, will officially be shutting down thanks to the machinations of a megalomaniacal seasteading vampire . It happens! And though it’s incredibly unfortunate, there is something you can do to make us feel just a little bit better: Send us Donald Trump’s tax returns.


All the Best Gossip from Esquire’s Jared Kushner Profile

Amid Donald Trump’s spasmodic summer, one member of his campaign (and family) has received a growing amount of positive—or at least not explicitly negative—press: Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Today, however, Esquire has published a long and excellent profile with lots of good dirt, all about who is this smiling fellow who through his narrow greed and ambition has sold out his faith for a suicide ride on the Trump train.