Watch As We Investigate Criminal Enterprises from the Inside on ‘Black Market: Dispatches’

In his most personal project to date, actor Michael K. Williams journeyed into the dangerous world of illicit trade for his VICELAND show, Black Market. Now, we're extending our look into global underground economies with our new series, Black Market: Dispatches.

In Dispatches, VICE will investigate how contraband moves across borders by embedding inside criminal enterprises. We'll meet heroin traffickers, counterfeiters, and sugar babies to explore the politics and motivations behind these hidden operations.

Catch the first season of Black Market: Dispatches Tuesday, August 16 at 10 PM on VICELAND.


Author’s Note: This post was originally written in a state of residual intoxication on the morning of Saturday, June 13, 2015, shortly after a former Gawker editor promoted me to working nights—but failed to inform me that I had the weekend off. For this discourtesy I threatened him with bodily harm. Fortunately, a more level-headed co-worker (Brendan) talked me out of publishing the post. Unfortunately, the editor in question (along with the rest of the Gawker staff) later found and read the draft. Enjoy!


Serious Academics Are Full of Shit

Last week, a Serious Academic exhausted hundreds of words denouncing the use of social media by his colleagues while insinuating that selfie culture poses an existential threat to academic life. The social media backlash from other serious academics was swift and on point, reminding us that many scientists are voluntary participants in the broader experiment of human society.


Ask Sci-Fi Legend William Gibson Where the Heck He Thinks the World Is Going

A rich blowhard running for president . Tech-bro execs hoping to splinter off into their own anything-goes fiefdoms . So much screaming over gigabyte network pipes that’s getting faster, dumber, and scarier. The present feels like it’s running along the plotline of a William Gibson science-fiction novel. So let’s ask the man who wrote the future to try and make sense of today.