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Passenger On First Massive Cruise Ship Through Climate-Changed Northwest Passage: ‘Makes U Think’

The first luxury cruise ship to pass through the Northwest Passage stopped at a remote Canadian beach town this week and was surprised, for some reason, to find that all the ice had melted. “Makes you think more about the global warming,” one Texan tourist on the ship remarked. Indeed it does.


How Pirates Will Adapt To The Future Of Robot Cargo Ships

What’s the going rate for a human life? Depending on a hostage’s citizenship, their employer, and their personal wealth, the ransom asked for can climb into the millions. Half a million is good money in a country with a per capita annual income of $600. Piracy, so often relegated to history books or theme-park inspired movies, is a real phenomenon. It’s deadly, risky, ancient, and with the advent of completely crewless autonomous ships, might radically change in the future.