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38 Hacks to Maximize Labor Day If You’re Spending It Alone

If anything reminds the plan-less of how fundamentally alone they are in the world, it’s the long weekends of our country’s lesser holidays. Labor Day can be the most melancholic of them all; not only do you get an extra day off to be alone with yourself, but it signifies the transition from summer to fall, a nasty reminder that everything eventually dies. Personally, if I’m not working over a long holiday weekend, I usually find myself hungover in bed, feeling too overwhelmed by all the things I could theoretically achieve on this special day off to even text that acquaintance to see if it’s “cool” if you hit up their friend’s barbecue. (No worries if it’s not, just checking!)


Two-Year-Old Prodigy Finds Viciously Perfect Solution to the Trolley Problem

The trolley problem is a classic thought experiment in ethics, which asks you to imagine a trolley headed toward a track that five people are bound to. If you pull a lever, you can redirect the trolley to another track, where one person is bound. Do you do nothing at all and watch five people die? Or pull the lever, change fate and be personally responsible for the death of one person?