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The Worst Gifts to Get on Christmas

There are always a couple of random gifts everyone frantically pulls out of storage this time of year. Their origin could be a yankee swap seven years ago, an ex-lover, or a well-meaning grandma. We all have received and gifted questionable, vanilla-scented things. 

After a recent SNL skit immortalized the ever-circulated peach candle, VICE thought it was time to do a highlight reel of the type of present that no one wants or keeps. Photographer Trey Wright brought theses gems to life in the gallery below as a cautionary tale for this holiday season. 

Inflatable fruit cake

Applebee's gift card

Nordstrom medium leather-wrapped stone

Yankee candle (buttercream scent) with mini cupcake

Bath and Body Works lotion in Dark Kiss and Velvet Sugar

Re-gifted old ornament

Nine bolt Duracell batteries

Celebrity perfumes (Meow by Katy Perry, Fantasy by Britney Spears, and Can Can by Paris Hilton)