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New Research Will Help Farmers Make Tomatoes Delicious Again

Most people were glad to see terrible, no good, very bad 2016 go, and now that we're in a new year, those who were most eager to move on are realizing that 2017 isn't exactly turning out to be a picnic, either. If things have got you feeling down lately, here's some good news: We now know how to make tomatoes taste better. Hey, it's a start.

The sad, lifeless, obligatory out-of-season tomato is found everywhere from pre-made salads to your local sports bar, a pale and watery imitation of the Platonic ideal. Yet in the collective American consciousness, the flavorless iteration of the fruit has largely taken over. Thankfully, science is here to help.

A study published today in  Science by an international group of researchers led by scientists at the University of Florida identified the chemical genetic traits of flavorful, on-point tomatoes. The study was huge in scope, studying nearly 400 types of tomatoes, from sweet little cherry tomatoes to big goofy-looking heirlooms, and offers American tomato growers a playbook to make tomatoes great again, so to speak.

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