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I Can’t Help but Wonder Why Wonder Woman Is Shilling Weight-Loss Protein Bars

Warner Bros. got a bit of flack over the past few weeks for its apparent lack of advertising for Wonder Woman, its first female-led superhero film. Even though later reports suggested it’s had more advertising dollars behind it than Suicide Squad, the backlash seemed to work... as we’ve since gotten a slew of TV ads…


The ‘Matrix’ Reboot No One Asked for Is Coming

Hollywood has been trying to reinvigorate dead film franchises with heinously bad reboots for years now, like some terrible cinema necromancer—and it doesn't show signs of stopping. We're already on track to suffer through a Baywatch movie and a version of Splash with Channing Tatum as a mermaid. Now things are about to get even worse. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is developing a Matrix reboot, too.

Few details have surfaced about the plan to remake the 1999 sci-fi epic—which went on to spawn a franchise—but the info we do have paints a pretty bleak picture of what's to come. The masterminds behind the original trilogy, Lana and Lilly Wachowski, aren't involved in the new movie at all so far, and executives have tapped Zak Penn to write a treatment. 

Penn's the guy behind The Avengers, The Incredible Hulk, and some of the worst X-Men movies ever made. So if you've always liked The Matrix, but wished it was more like a middle-of-the-road superhero film, you're in luck. 

The only promising piece of information we've got on this reboot is that Warner is reportedly eyeing Creed's Michael B. Jordan to star.

The idea of a Matrix TV series was lofted and ultimately killed a few months ago, according to the Reporter, so who knows if this film will suffer the same fate. But whatever happens, for the love of God, stop rebooting things that don't need rebooting, you lazy assholes.