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NASA’s Favorite Photos of 2016 Will Remind You There’s Still Good in This World

The new year is likely to be a tough one for NASA. There’s a decidedly anti-science administration coming into power. Trump has already vowed to cut the Earth science division in order to kill climate change research and it’s unclear if he even knows that we’ve been to the moon. For now, we can look back at some of the most beautiful photos of 2016 from the United States’ greatest government agency.


The 100 Most Popular io9 Posts of 2016

To paraphrase Charles Dickens, 2016 was the worst of times, and the pretty good of times. It was a year of wonder (Game of Thrones) and disappointment (Walking Dead), amusement (Deadpool) and aggravation (Suicide Squad), delight (a few things) and loss (too many to count). Relive the year that was with io9's 100 most-read posts of the year, and then let us never speak of 2016 again.


The 100 Most Popular Gizmodo Posts of 2016

Facebook fiascos, impending natural disasters, hackers, hacks, gadget goofs and deep-sea nightmares—this year had everything you never asked for. But there were brighter notes too. So come with us to a time when people complained about accidentally getting exercise playing Pokémon Go and wondered whether anyone knows that they’re watching porn when they’re wearing VR goggles. These are the 100 most popular Gizmodo posts from 2015 according to Google Analytics.


The Climate and Energy Stories We’ll Be Following in 2017

Photo: AP

On the climate and energy front, 2016 was a year of contradictions. Again and again, our planet smashed global temperature records. The fingerprints of climate change were visible in extreme weather from the North Pole to Louisiana. But the clean energy sector also hit some major milestones. Wind and solar power expanded rapidly as costs fell, demonstrating that a high-tech, low-carbon future is within reach.