With Gregory Frederick behind the camera, Athens GA Live Music seeks to document local and touring bands gracing stages across the Classic City. Explore the whole archive and subscribe to the channel here. Get up to speed with recent performances below, and remember to check Flagpole‘s music calendar each week to find out about upcoming shows. Winston Barbe and Ben Hackett played at Flicker on Thursday, Apr. 11. Cloak (Atlanta), Strumbrush (Atlanta) and RaceCar44 (Atlanta) played at Buvez that night. Jameson Tank played at Paloma Park that night. The Sadies (Canada) and Jim White played at The 40 Watt Club on Friday, Apr. 12. Sewer Kitty and The Tight Blacks played at Flicker that night. Is/Ought Gap played a rare show in celebration of a […]

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